• Public Limited Company

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Limited Liability

Obligation of investor for the misfortunes of the organization is restricted to their commitment as it were.

Perpetual Succession

A business of the Company won't influence if there is any adjustment in the responsibility for organization.

Listing on Stock Exchange

Posting on Stock Exchange Public Company can be recorded on stock trade and raise assets by method for open issue.

Minimum Directors & Shareholders

Least 3 chiefs, Minimum 7 investors required and there is no restriction on most extreme investors of the organization.

Transferable Shares

Offers of an open organization are uninhibitedly transferable between its individuals and non-individuals.

Disclosure & Transparency

The open organization guarantees stringent exposure compliances. Financials of the organization is in open area.

Why choose Public Limited Company?

  • Capacity to exchange shares-an open ltd organization can exchange offers to open and raise assets from open

  • Boundless Members – One of the best bit of leeway of open ltd organization is that there is no restriction on number of individuals in the organization

  • Constrained Liability – Despite having normal for boundless individuals the risk of the considerable number of executives in Public restricted organization is restricted to the degree of stake they hold in the organization

  • More Transparency – Working of an open ltd organization is increasingly straightforward on the grounds that it isolates its administration from its proprietorship

  • Property Rights – A Public ltd Company can pick up, groups, and make the most of its property in its very own name. No investor can guarantee upon the property



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Prepare MOA, AOA and other necessary incorporation documents.


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As the quantity of investors is very huge, the hazard borne by every investor is extensively low. To be increasingly exact the danger of every investor is constrained to the presumptive worth of offers held by him.

Since putting resources into PLC implies obliging the interests of open everywhere, the top administration will dependably attempt and be instrumental in improving its exercises by utilizing experts and specialists. Subsequently dealing with its activities in a superior way.

All the time one sees an idea for membership for the offers of a Public restricted organization, and consequently is straightforwardly pulled in to the offers of the organization as well as to the items and administrations gave.

Raising capital is a lot simpler for an open restricted organization through open membership just as securities exchange. Simple financing and that too in monstrous volumes is a trademark that just PLCs appreciate.

A company being a separate legal person, is unaffected by the death or other departure of any member and continues to be in existence irrespective of the changes in ownership.

public limited companies generally have a better image in the eyes of society, as compared to other forms.

When you need funding directly from public or want public to invest in your business or if you are planning to bring IPO of your company.

Minimum 3 shareholders are required to incorporate a public limited company and There is no limit on a maximum number of shareholders.

Minimum 3 Maximum 15 directors can manage the show of a company.

MOA and AOA are charter documents of the company. It defines the business objectives and rules & regulations of the company. It is drafted by our professionals and delivers to you along with Certificate of incorporation.